Call For Abstracts

Call For Abstracts

The CATE Conference 2022 Committee are delighted to open the call for abstracts for this years conference.

If you wish to submit an abstract please visit the Presentation Portal

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Abstracts must be submitted by 30th September 2022.

Te Pae Maunga, Te Pae Whenua, Te Pae Tāngata:
The Gathering Place of the Mountain, the Land, the People

CATE Conference 2022 is taking place from 23rd to 25th November at Te Pae Christchurch Convention and Exhibition Centre, and the CATE Conference Committee is delighted to open the call for abstracts. 

This conference is a gathering of career professionals who will have the opportunity to navigate the waters, climb the mountains and look out to the horizons. As we build connections, collaborate with one another, and enhance our knowledge and skills, we can strengthen and support the futures of the people we influence.

The break-out sessions will be a time for delegates to reflect on career development practice, look at ways of supporting students as they navigate their next steps, and discover innovative ideas and resources to do the mahi.

Our delegates include Career Advisors, Gateway Co-ordinators, Transitions Educators, and our partners in the system - including representatives from tertiary institutions, industry, and those in private career development practice. 

While we acknowledge that career development mahi touches many strands in different ways, abstracts must adhere to at least one of the three themes in the conference strands: 

Whai wāhitanga/Opportunity


Heke mai/Future

1. Whai wāhitanga: Opportunity strand

This strand focusses on career development, labour market, and learning opportunities for students and career professionals.

Opportunities that have helped or could help students make connections and navigate career decisions. Sharing new and innovative courses, tools, systems, programmes and initiatives. Showcasing examples of collaborative career development opportunities.

2. Hauora: Wellbeing strand

This strand acknowledges the interconnection of wellbeing and career, and the impact of change and disruption on the wellbeing of students and career professionals.

How we prepare students to make meaningful career decisions, feel confident to take the next steps, keep connected, and be prepared for work and/or study, while taking care of their own wellbeing. How could they best be supported? Skills and strategies to develop the personal and professional effectiveness of career professionals and their wellbeing.

3. Heke Mai: Future strand

This strand is future-focussed.

What does the future look like in terms of career, the labour market, world of work, and study? How do we navigate these spaces? What steps can we take now to help students prepare for the future? What are some of the innovations in industry, and the role of artificial intelligence and automation in the future of work, and how we help students navigate career.

If you wish to submit an abstract please visit the Presentation Portal

Please click here for the submission template.
Abstracts must be submitted by 30th September 2022.

If you have any queries about the abstract submission process, please contact James Chatterley on  or 021777928. 

We look forward to receiving your abstract submission. 

CATE Conference Committee 2022